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Thread: E46 1999 323Ci Cannot move heater controls

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    E46 1999 323Ci Cannot move heater controls

    Hi i want to install a bezel on the top part of the dash where the cd and heater controls are but to do that i need to move the heater controls to above the astray.

    The problem is this... The heater controls wont slide in because the frame will not give way for the heater controls housing.

    Do i break the housing so it fits? Also it dosnt seem like its going to sit flush if i did do that.

    Can the heater controls be moved in the E46 1999 323Ci?


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    ill get pics up soon, but just to get an idea, its the electronic type where the cd and the heater controls are on the top, and the astray with that compartment thing are at the bottom.

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    yes thats the one!

    thank you

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