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Thread: Been thinking about a CarPC for a long time!

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    Smile Been thinking about a CarPC for a long time!


    I've been hovering around this forum for a while, but this is my first post as I think I'm going to finally take the plunge at some type of in-car PC. I've always upgraded the ICE in every car I've ever had, but never gone as far as putting a PC in here, which is a bit strange having worked in the IT industry for well over 10 years!

    I've gone and bought myself a mint E39 530i Sport and have already changed the headunit to a Pioneer DEH-9800BT (was top of the range Bluetooth model). With all that space in the boot I can't think of an excuse not to use some of that space!

    My initial plan is to use gear I already have lying around, so my first idea is to use an old Compaq M300 laptop with my iPOD touch mounted up front running VNSea as the screen. I'm going to keep the Pioneer headunit for the sound quality and ease of use - it is highly spec'd with and AUX in, Bluetooth audio streaming, more digital processing than the Space Shuttle and a fancy organic screen that I just set to black! Oh and I will be adding my old Rockford sub and amp and possibly upgrading the speakers depending how they sound with the usually crappy BMW ones.

    Not too sure how this will pan out but is worth a go me thinks.


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    keep us updated. i always like looking at new projects.

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