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Thread: Going to make a BMW e46 IBus HOWTO, need a kickstart

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    Just an update, picked up an '01 Dinan 330i yesterday. As soon as I replace the rear diff bushings I'll get to work on the Car PC.

    Adding this as a reference for when I start:
    BMW IBus-Heads
    [REL] iGoBMW transparent

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislamb View Post
    The best Ibus connection in the MINI is in the boot(trunk) for the CD Changer, that's where I have my Car2PC plugged in.
    I volunteer my car for sniffing!
    Hi chrislamb,
    I am looking for the best way in order to connect pc and ibus probe in my mini.
    could you help me?
    what and where is "boot(trunk)"

    my mini is cooper s and I have the radio boost without cd changer and the navigator.

    thanks in advantage

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    People seemed to get off topic a little bit.... I would like to know the same answer. FMStrat, congrats on the car. 330's are amazing cars. Do you have any updates on this yet?

    To everyone else, who has done a iBus; how about a nice 1-6 answer/opinion write up that we can see.

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