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Thread: Is this Possible?

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    Is this Possible?

    I am sure it is but I am not sure how it would all be connected. I plan to have a 7" touchscreen display in the front (probably Xenarc) but I would also like to install screens in the headrests for the back seat passengers. I know the install can be done but I think my question is unique.

    I would like to play a movie to the backseat while also allowing the front display to be used to control the system. Let the kids in the back wear headphones for the movie sounds while allowing us in the front to still listen to the radio or music through the car speakers.

    I know this may not be possible since the Mac Mini only has one audio output jack and I am not sure how that would work

    Any insight or is this a pipe dream?

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    Many front ends have this functionality already built in.

    I'd start taking a look at the different options available to you as far as Front Ends go to see what fits your needs best. Most all of the pay-for front ends have a free trial of some kind so that you can try them out before having to pay.
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    your going to need an external sound card with multipule outputs to get headphones in the back and a different audio source playing in the rest of the car
    a cheap solution are the maudio products
    nice quality is the emu line
    then even nicer is motu


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