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Thread: In-dash LCD + PC + multiple cameras

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    In-dash LCD + PC + multiple cameras

    LCD monitors such as the "Mp3Car 2008 7'' Transflective LED Backlit Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Monitor" obviously have a video input port to which a PC is normally connected.

    But, what would I do if I also want to connect two cameras (backup camera on rear bumper and forward camera on front bumper) to the LCD panel, and toggle among the PC output video and the external video cameras?

    An additional issue I can think of is reversing the image from the backup camera. Unless the LCD panel itself has a provision for reverse image, the video signal would have to be routed to the PC and reversed by software.

    Please advise.

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    Most small carPC monitors have a VGA computer input as well as 1 or 2 composite (RCA) video inputs. there will be a button on the front panel to select with video input source will be displayed.

    I use a Lilliput EBY-701; it has 1 VGA input and 2 composite video inputs. since the MP3car transflective monitor is an upgraded Lilliput 629 I would imagine that it has the same 3 inputs.

    regarding the camera, you can buy cameras in both regular and reverse (mirror) view. most cameras that are designed as backup camera will automatically reverse the image so that it will be displayed as a mirror view with any monitor.

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    Thanks so much, FusionFanatic, for the advice.
    Little by little, I am learning these things.
    And, kind comments like yours really help me stay motivated!

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    I have the 2008 Transflective lcd.. it has the vga input for a computer, and 2 additional composite inputs.

    For your setup, connect the vga to the computer, front camera to the composite 1, and rear camera to composite 2. The transflective lilliput DOES NOT have a way to automatically switch to the rear-view camera when backing up, so you will either have to do it manually or built some type of switch that will trigger for you.

    As for "reversing" the image... all cameras sold as "rear-view" will do this by default. In fact, you will have a harder time finding a camera that will NOT reverse the input -- so you can use that as your front camera.

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    NotYou, That's very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your setup with me and for your advice!

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    I bought the Xenarc 700TSV. It has two composite inputs and the VGA input as well as the ability to flip the image on screen (both vertically and horizontally).

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    AnimeCommander, Thanks for the info on your Xenarc 700TSV.
    Do you happen to be using one of the two composite inputs for a rear-view camera?
    If so, can the Xenarc 700TSV be made to switch automatically to the particular input when the gear in reverse?

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    The easiest way to switch automatically to the reverse camera input is to wire camera power using your reversing light circuit. Put gear shift in reverse, reverse lights go on which turns camera on.

    You can also power camera using say a dash mount switch (handy if you can't use rear mirrors in forward motion) but as this switch will also power up on your reversing light you need to instal a diode (which only allows current to flow one way) on the camera/switch side of the reverse lights to block power going to lights.

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    Xenarc 700TSV Features.......flipping toward the bottom.

    * For In-Car Computing, PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA Use
    * High Brightness, High Contrast LCD Panel *New*
    * 5-wire resistive Touch Screen (USB) *New*
    * Multi-Monitor Touchscreen Support
    * VGA Input (15 pin D-SUB) x 1 & Video Input x 2
    * Audio Input / Built-in Speaker
    * NTSC / PAL Multi-System
    * 16x9 Aspect Ratio
    * High Resolution Display - up to 1600 x 1200
    * Auto detects 800x480 resolution
    * Upgraded High-Brightness CCFL Backlight
    * Adjustable backlight level for night-time use
    * Pixelworks High Performance Image and Video Signal Processor
    * AISS - Advanced Image-Scaling and Shaping
    * 16:9 / 4:3 Scaler settings
    * Last Input memory
    * Last Power setting memory
    * IR Remote Control
    * Auto power-on upon signal detection
    * Automatic display adjustment
    * On Screen Display Control
    * Mirror Image Flip (VGA and Video Modes) *New*
    * Vertical Image Flip (VGA and Video Modes) *New*
    * Copper Stand: 360 / Height Adjustment
    * 20-Pin heavy-duty connector
    * Anti Glare Coating
    * Supports 11V DC ~ 24V DC
    * "E" Mark Certified for Automotive use
    * Compare Features
    Ampie Case
    2.5" Hard Drive 80GB Samsung 5400RPM
    256 MB DDR2 PC5400
    Xenarc 700TSV - VGA Monitor
    Intel D945GCLF Motherboard

    2005 Honda Civic

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    cockie55 and Maheriano,
    Thanks for the useful info. The diode approach is brilliant, and the "auto power-on upon signal detection" sounds wonderful as well.
    Thanks guys!

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