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Thread: Need help with RoadRunner and Garmin Mobile PC

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    Question Need help with RoadRunner and Garmin Mobile PC

    I have been trying to add a button with skinbedder to ext gps software that is garmin mobile pc. And i have 2 problemes. The first probleme is that i cant get the skinbedded window on top and the second one is that is just cant find enough information on how to use skinbedder. I been trying for around 48 houres now and reading so many posts about skinbedder and garmin mobile on RR. And no answer.

    I know that i am doing something wrong because the iguidance skin is overlaing the mobile pc app, but my aint. i just need a button for opening and closing an osk window. Has anyone any idea about how this can be done. I love the layout and navigation in garmin's software and is the only one i want to use

    Thx in advance

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    Smile Your Answer?

    I too have Garmin(on order) and there are a couple of people doing some things in the GPS section. Try there they may know there.

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