I plan to install a mac mini into a car i am going to buy. I know there are not very many frontends for OS X. My question is will everything still function by using Finder? For Instance I would have the GPS software running under Parallels or VMWare Fusion, if it is not the active window will it still give the vocal alerts?

Is there any hardware like the Griffin Shark for HD Radio?

I just want to make sure that everything would still function under Finder, things such as

iTunes (I know this will work)
XM Satellite Software
Griffin Software
GPS Software

Do they all (aside from iTunes) need to be the active window? I mean could I listen to satellite radio and browse the web in FireFox without a problem?

I look forward to a good OS X frontend but doubt the day will come anytime soon since it is just a hobby for most of the developers.

Who knows maybe the more I research frontends and how they work I will write one. Doubtful though because by the time I research it and learn Obj-C there will probably be a good one already

I just hope all of this stuff can be done from Finder.

Also anyone know of a good radar / laser detector that can interface with the OS X platform? I would like to get it so that if i am listening to music, I can have the volume turn down for alerts from GPS or Radar / Laser detector. I would generally have the music up loud and the alerts would not have to be loud, but would want the music to cut out for the alerts, or have it play along with the music (doubt that can happen)