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Thread: Quick question from a newbie

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    Quick question from a newbie

    hey guys.
    just about to start my CarPuter project.
    i have found a Mini-ITX motherboard but its only 800MHZ.
    just wondering if any1 knows how fast itll run with 2gig or ram and using TinyXP as the OS.
    BTW i dont need it to be extreamly fast, just dont want it to take 10min to turn on haha.

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    If it is a C3, I would say 800mhz is cutting it close to unuseable, but they wouldnt sell it if it didnt work. I had a M10000 which is a C3 1Ghz and it was plenty speedy as long as you didnt push 3D rendering to it.
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    magna, did you already buy that board or are you just considering it?

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    Depending on what you want it to do, it will be overpowered, underpowered, or just right.

    I have run one with a 120mhz machine, a 233mhz machine, and a M10000 (equivalent of a 800mhz machine).

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