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Thread: Are these all the parts i need?

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    Are these all the parts i need?

    Hi all,

    Alright i think ive planned this out pretty well. These are all the parts i will get, any feedback on if i missed a part or if theres a better part i would Greatly appreciate.
    this is for a 1996 Mercury Villager

    screen - Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen 619GL-70NP off the mp3car store website

    computer - im gonna get the Stage 3 - Nicely Equipped Car Computer Package Deal off mp3car store website

    OS - Winxp

    front-end - havnt decided yet but i downloaded alot of trials and free ones, im gonna see which one i like best

    GPS - same as front end, didnt decide yet

    GPS hardware - BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver off mp3car website

    Amplifier - Pioneer GM-4300F - 4-channel car amplifier 40 watts RMS x

    amplifier wiring kit - StreetWires PSK08Ri Amplifier Wiring Kit

    stero patch cables (do i need these?) - StreetWires Zero Noise 5 4-channel Patch Cables

    USB cord extensions as well as VGA extensions

    USB 4 port hub

    radio replacement - Griffin Radio Shark

    I think thats about it that i planned so far, if ive missed something please please let me kno any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    well you are getting a prebuilt system, so not much to say there.

    as for frontend, look at RoadRunner. for GPS, take a look at iGuidance.

    not sure what stereo patch cables are, but you need something from the 1/8" jack to the RCA jacks.

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    just checking... do you have good speakers ?
    as its an older vehicle you may want to look at replacing the factory ones.

    and are you planning on going thru your existing car head unit? or will the carpc be it.
    I didnt see a volume knob there either, and if you plan on going head unit less you might want to look at an anti thump device for the amp, so when it turns on it delays the powering up of the amp so it dosnt go THUMP!

    edit, just noticed the radio shark, after looking 4 or 5 times at your list

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