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Thread: Accord Coupe vs Alitma Coupe

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    Accord Coupe vs Alitma Coupe

    The picked a really interesting design for the Accord 2008. I'm in the market for buying a new car, the Altima interior seems like it has a lot more options for modification while the inside of the Accord is scary (no receivers will even fit in this thing.) I want the Accord but the inside scares me. How would you attack this in terms of installing a Carputer? Almost everything is integrated (steering wheel controls, in dash controls, etc.)

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    looks pretty flexible (install-friendly) to me. they even provide you with a factory LCD monitor location. get one without the factory nav and put your own 7" LCD monitor there. for audio, you can either feed the carPC audio into your factory radio or bypass it altogether and feed it straight into an amplifier.

    I can picture a nice dual-monitor setup for that car as well. a primary monitor in place of the factory radio for front-end /audio control and a secondary monitor up top (in the factory nav location) for carPC navigation.

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    Well you can get it without nav and then buy the nav dash piece and modify that to put it in.

    Anyways, Honda > Nissan Biased a bit, but both are good choices.

    Also people (including user goHybrid) have been able to reprogram that honda character LCD to display things when the car starts up.
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