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Thread: Xenarc MDT X7000

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    Xenarc MDT X7000

    My new head unite got a problem with the parking break function,I taped the wire #28 to ground but it's not responding,and it displays this boring message "NO PICTURE WHILE DRIVING" even with my engine removed
    Help please...

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    Well unground your parking wire. Not all of them work the same. Might want to look in the manual. Also incase you do not know it is illegal to do that.
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    Hi ,
    Glad talking to you.
    I removed the wire#28 from main ground,performed a general reset but the problem remains.
    I talked to a Xenarc technician and was told to ship it back for repair,unfortunately it would cost a new unit for me...
    If someone got an idea please let me know.
    Best regards
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