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Thread: long time lurker saying "Hi"

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    long time lurker saying "Hi"

    sooooooooo i've been on this site for awhile and joined up alittle bit ago.

    finally saying Hi and introducing myself

    i've been in the carscene for awhile. i've done lots of things with electronics. almost became an engineer but eh.

    i'm currently working on a carpc to upgrade from my modded xbox which has treated me n my car for almost 2years. (hehehe i'm suprised that the hdd has survived the pounding of 135ish dbs for that long hehehhe )

    as im typing this i'm installing xp (yes i'm going to strip it):
    via vb7001
    1g ram
    currently have a 120g hdd (i might go down to a 80g)
    and a wireless card on it (i'm waiting for the m-audio audiophile 2496 to come in (just ordered it) to replace the wireless)

    i'm going to be using the alpine cva1005 for right now until i pick up a touchscreen. after i get xp installed i'm going to work on using my pda as a input device for now

    i want to pick up a psu but i'm currently using a spare psu from an old pc. i'm probably gonna plug it into my hardwired inverter for now just to play (and say i have a carpc)

    good intro huh?? any comments, questions, or advice is welcome!!

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    And definately get a DC-DC. shutdown controllers are worth their weight in gold... or platinum.
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