Hello all!,

Im pretty new to carputers, but I have been working with pc's for a long time. I am making a plan on what to put into my car.
I would like to use Shuttle's KPC barebone + Processor + Ram
For the Screen I have already ordered the Lilliput 7" EBY-701
Theres a few questions I have that maybe someone can answer.
First, to power everything I was looking at the M2-ATX DC-DC PSU. Now is this enough power for the KPC build? The PSU in the case is only 100W. Im planning on replacing it with the M2-ATX.

Second, after getting the power ready, how would I go about connecting my current sound system in the car to my carputer? I do have a 1000w amp in my trunk which has just powered a subwoofer. I was wondering if I should rewire my car's speakers to the amp? Or is there another alternative?

Third, should I be looking at other options, regarding my whole build. Id like something that can boot up fast. Is a core 2 duo necessary? Please im open to suggestions on everything.