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Thread: Newbie at the very early planning stage...

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    Newbie at the very early planning stage...

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to ask a couple of questions before planning my project.

    Firstly, I currently have a Mercedes C class (2004 pre faceelift) which has a double din hole for the stereo, but the bottom half is just a cubby hole. Am I right in thinking that I could buy a in-dash motorized screen which can then leave the original radio in? (Trying to avoid losing the original radio due to complications with the Mercedes Comand system).

    If not, I really do not think that I have the ability to make a custom mount for a LCD touchscreen. Is it possible to purchase an external one that can be affixed to a "dashmount" bracket, allowing me to keep existing radio and cubbyhole?

    Thirdly, I intend to run this initially from a laptop before building a custom car pc. I appreciate that I will power it off the ignition switched power rather than 12v so that it can power off using the laptops power management functions, saving the battery. However, I would like to attach a GPS receiver, but the ones I have need to be switched on or off at any time. Is there any available that will boot with the computer?

    Thanks for help in advance!


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    Hello and welcome to the forum...Im sure you will find all the help you need here. I love the car you have too.
    Owner of three automotive franchises, specializing in electronics.

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