Hello everyone. I'm new here, and my question doesn't specifically have to do with cars, but you folks seem knowledgeable about embedded hackery.

I have a kiosk with a 12" frame for a screen. Its internals died -- everything from the LCD to the strange little ISA mounted SBC motherboard. Anyway, it has all been gutted. I've replaced the motherboard with a mini-ITX with VGA out, sorted out power and so on. The only thing I'm missing is video.

I'm thinking I should be able to buy a standard 12" LCD (if I can find one) dismantle it and and install the panel in the kiosk, utilizing the LCD's inverter and TFT controller, so I can use the standard AC and VGA connections, respectively.

So my question is simply, is this 'sane?' Or is there a better way of doing it? Anyone else do anything like this? Are there pitfalls to watch for?

Thanks for your time and consideration!