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Thread: any use for HDMI (esp. audio?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaring_Afro View Post
    ^ depends on what kind of hdmi port hookup you have. i have 2 laptops with it. one is an hp with an integrated intel graphics chip and the audio isnt that great, but on my gateway fx with a nvidia 9800 gts and that thing sends very good audio. its sending the digital format so unless you have a crappy cable or software it will be very good.
    Not realy... HDMI is HDMI... regardless of cable quality...
    A big HIFI magazine in scandinavia tested a heap load of HDMI cables, all from the cheapest to the most expensive one you can buy, and they came up with a variation on about 2% in picture quality. And the most expensive one, where not the best one.
    But something that DID have an effect, where how many times you could twist and bend the HDMI cable itself before it showed up in picture quality... Here, the expensive ones took the lead, after about 4000 bends...

    But ofcours... if you fill the cable with a crappy signal, you got crappy quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
    Touch works regardless of the image type. The touch drivers work over USB and that's that. You can use any kind of video between there. That said, what kind of device are you using that can accept optical input?
    Sure it does

    But the new HDMI standard have BUILT INN touch functionality. So you don't need any additional USB cable

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    I wouldnt use hdmi just for audio, i think there are better cables out there.

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