I'm an avid linux user and have been a web developer / programmer for about 8 years now. I have never bought a pre-built computer aside from a laptop.
I recently purchased a 2004 scion xb which came with a pioneer T1805 6-disc changer which is horrible. When ever i want to use a cd function such as load a disk change disc anything it gives me an error 4 and wont work for cds. after a few days it works again but this is a real pain. I tried searching for a solution to this and came up short. So the obvious solution is to put a computer in it.

What I'm planning on doing is adding a comp into it using my phone for internet and gps. I have an unlimited data plan and u can teather it anyway so why not. I am also going to put in an automatic starter and a wifi card so when im in my apartment i can start the car remotely and have it connect to the wifi and transfer stuff over to it. (This is the easy stuff.) I've never worked on cars much and was just wandering...

Looking at lcds i found some like the DWW-6500 which is pretty nice. It gives its specs on most sites which is good but I'm wandering where to find the specs of the bay that the T1805 pos is in so i can make sure it will fit. I don't have to get that one of course but being it has a dvd drive to hook up to a a comp i like it .

Thank you,