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Thread: I'm new here so thought i'd say Hi

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    I'm new here so thought i'd say Hi

    Well like it says above really.
    found the site a couple of days ago looking for a front end.
    i haven't built a car pc yet i'm just planning it out.

    I started looking at a car pc some months ago as i will need to run some datalogging software and tuning software for my cars engine management system when it goes in.

    originally i was goingto run this program from a laptop when needed. then i thought about getting a cheep laptop with a damaged screen to chop around and run from a touch screen.

    now i am thinking of building an itx based unit as a full time install.

    which is the best way to go ITX or Laptop based system?

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    if you have a laptop laying around and want to save money, use it.
    if you want to spend money on a system, get a mini itx.

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