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Thread: I have a question about USB Hubs

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    I have a question about USB Hubs

    I was planning on mounting my carpc under my driver's side seat. I will need at least one 10ft USB extension cable for my monitor.

    I was wondering if I could run my monitor (Obviously, not usb powered), my GPS Receiver (USB Powered), and Slim dvd drive (USB powered) on a USB hub, so I would only have to buy a 10ft USB extension cable and a USB Hub. I don't know how much power these would suck off of one USB on the computer.

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    I'm using a 5m (15ft) active usb extension cable with a 4 port usb hub connected to my touchscreen, usb radio, OBD-II module and GPS reciver with no problems. Using a usb powered cdrom might be a problem though.

    If you need extra power, you could use a USB Y adapter to get some extra power from another usb port if you have one spare.
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    Ok, thanks for the help.

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    I my configuration is as follows:

    computer===usb hub in trunk (gps and wifi connected to it)===18ft usb cable===usb hub behind glove box (touchscreen usb)===dash mounted usb

    So basically I have three four port hubs all daisy chained together. My computer only has one usb 1.1 hub. You will have trouble running most cd drives, 2.5in hard drives off of a configuration like this. Most hubs have a jack for external 5v power. you shouldnt have any problems if you feen the usb port the extra 5v. I suggest at least 2 amps since each port can supply upto 500mah
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    Ok, thanks. I'm looking into it and I think I can get away with a 6ft usb extension with 4-port hub and still have a tad of room to play with. I wasn't sure how much I needed until I measured today. Thanks for the help.

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