Okay, just looking to know if I'm on the right track at all here. I've started a thread on another (mythtv) forum here but don't think it's the apropriate place anymore:

Okay, I'm looking to setup a barebones machine in a car with 5.1 surround sound, 3G internet connection etc. The hardware I'm looking at is:

Lilliput 629GL-70NP touch screen monitor
Shuttle SN68SG2 Barebones chassis
AMD ATHLON 64 X2 5200
Crucial 1GB 240-Pin DIMM PC2-6400 Unbuffered Non-ECC CAS4
Pioneer 20x DVD+/-RW BLACK SATA
Hauppauge Win TV PCI FM
3 (www.three.ie) 3G dongle
a sata hard drive
a wifi card too (for adding media over shared drives via MythTV's web interface when the car is outside and on the local network)

What I'm looking for it to do is:
boot straight into mythtv (fast) (through MythMusic).
play a local music collection with a good user interface (mp3, ogg and flac)
play local video collection with a good user interface (multi format)
be used a skype phone (through MythPhone)
Play Movies in 5.1 (don't worry about the audio hardware, it's taken care of)
Control the machine over VNC remotely over the local network when the car is parked outside my house.

Do you think this is a good setup? Is there potential do do many other things with it? Below are issues that I forsee.

(Before I've even bought the barebones machine for the car)
Problem No. 1: There still doesn't seem to be the option of turning on a back button and therefore I can't get it working with a back button. Can anyone help?
Hi Kev,

Have you considered using a mini itx system. They are much lower power (more chance of starting your car in the morning) and they even sell cases and power supplies designed to work in the car. I can't vouch for how well they work with myth, because I haven't got mine set up yet, but they sound perfect for your needs.

Check out [/url]http://www.mini-itx.com/http://and let me know what you deci... <br /> Adam
Seems like a good idea (although none seem to have enough audio outputs to deliver 5.1 sound). They all seem gimmicky too (basically a PC fit inside something cool).

The worry I have about using non-mainstream hardware is that I'm going to run into driver problems with Ubuntu though. I've had many problems before with video input cards (TechnoTrend 3200 never worked!).

Also, I'm looking to install 2 PCI cards ... and I want it to be easy! The 12VDC to A/C adapter I have can deliver 330 wats of constant load so as long as the batter can handle it it should be fine. I may have to just shut the machine down 5 mins before I get to my destination!?


I've had a good look through the MythTV interface and I'm pretty sure it's just not up to the task. There isn't a back button anywhere and I'd need to edit the code for too many menu pages (including the MythMusic and MythPhone packages) to get the back button in there and other mouse based navigation such as getting to the albums and tracks in MythMusic.

Looks like I'm going to have to go with Windoze...
Could anyone help?