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Thread: Powering 5-10 Computers

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    Powering 5-10 Computers

    I've been toying with an idea of mine latley, which would involve 5-10 computers on board a trailer. What would be the best way to power such a project?

    Generator perhapes?


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    Depends on a lot of things. Screen sizes, specs of the PC, drives, usb devices, etc.

    If you go with some of the low power solutions, could probably get away with tapping into a 12v source and forget expensive generators.

    Probably need more info about your idea before anybody hands out any golden advice. Just not enough info.

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    Low power machines wouldnt be an option.

    I'm looking to power 5-10 high end gaming machines. So it would be all high end parts, flat screens (19-22in) and maybe even a 42' big screen as well. So it would def be a power guzzler.

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    Generator for sure. Figure 1000 watts per machine, plus the screens plus a good 50% overhead. 10,000 watts wouldn't be out of the question, here.
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    10 computers max, and as I mentioned, maybe one big screen tv.

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    would you have access to a land line with this sort of a setup? Even then your still looking at a lot of power though. Sounds like a pretty cool idea though. Guessing it would be like a portable lan party.
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    exactly. it would be a portable lan party. Not looking to hook up to the net, although would like to. But basically it would be one side vs the other side.

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    Definitely a generator that will output about 10,000 watts minimum. You're looking at a generator built for a high-end motor home.
    As far as internet you can use a router like the Kyocera KR-1 and use a mobile broadband card.

    Your idea is hardly original. I had this idea a few years ago:
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    An interesting concept, if not exactly a new one.

    As for the electrical power needed- yes, it will be substantial, as will the cost of the computer parts alone.

    But here is a consideration:
    Since all gamers will be present and using the provided machines, they don't actually NEED to be full-blown powerhouse Uber gaming rigs.
    They need memory, hella good video cards and fast, pretty monitors.

    The rest of the components merely nee to be sufficient really, and when you are talking about gaming rigs, a sufficient system will cost about a third (or less) of what an Uber rig will.

    And they will use less power as well, helping to reduce the size of the generator you require to power 10 computers, 42" screen and an air conditioner sufficient to keep it all from melting in an hour.

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    lol, ya I don't need ubermachines as you said. Thanks for all the help guys

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