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Thread: 1st post - Help with flip down monitor install

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    1st post - Help with flip down monitor install

    I just ordered a 10.2" flip down monitor and a seperate mobile DVD player to install in my 2007 Durango. I have done basic car stereo installations with amps and subs etc. I'm not sure if this is something I should tackle, or if I should pay to have it installed. I'm concerned about ruining my headliner or roof. Also, want to make sure that it looks nice and isn't loose. Anyone have any advice on how difficult this would be and if I should attempt it or just pay someone else to do it?


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    installing a flip down is fairly easy the headliner is a this piece of partical board which is wat the unit attaches to its fairly simple if you jus use common sence drop the headliner down after you mark where you want it to set attach the base to the headliner and run your wires

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