Hey guys im new to this stuff and after reading a few posts about projects being done, im quite interested in setting something up like this for myself.

Right now i have a few things already done

I have the JVC double din deck which can be found here:

Here is a picture with the deck installed into the car:

Also i have 2 ten inch mtx's hooked up in the trunk where i would like to run my xbox360 from as well. I have power for my laptop back there which is no problem but what im wondering is if i can hook my laptop up to my deck through the AV-in cords? is this even possible to do?

It's quite simple what i want to do in my head but actually doing it is another story. realisticly i would like to be able to hook up my laptop in my trunk, be able to take it out whenever i want to take it in the house with as easy as un hooking a cord or two. So the real question is, is any of this possible to do?

Also has anyone ever ran a 360 to a deck like this and also how to power the 360 because i know the little 400Watt power inverters will not do this.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.