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Thread: Few questions.

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    Few questions.

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this sort of thing, but I have read though many posts from other users on here, please bare with me.

    I have a Peugeot 306 (yes, another 306 owner!) and as the French designed a funny-shape dash I am pretty stuck and unable to buy a motorised headunit screen as it will hit the vents and top of dash.

    I have read though this guide on ( which is what I am interested in doing.

    So I will need a 7" screen. Lilliput? Any recommendations?
    I will also need a computer.
    Would a laptop be suitable running XP? Just attach it to the 7" screen? Where do you put the laptop? Boot?

    How would it turn on and off with the ignition?
    How does the front-end load up? Is it automatic?
    Could I plug my iPod and any other devices in though a USB hub and they would be shown up on the front-end?
    Also other apps such as navagation software, do I just install them onto the laptop and then load them up? Do they show up on the front-end or do I have to exit the front end and select them on Windows?
    How do I attach my speakers to the laptop?

    I really do appreciate any information. Many thanks in advance.

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    Adam, check the FAQ link at the top of this forum. Also, for more detailed FAQ's, click the link in my signature for a FAQ to the FAQ's. Many of your questions are basic problems that everyone has solved and are answered there.

    For installation issues, search on your car type in the "Show off your project" forum or just enter it in the search box.
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