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Thread: Plain ol' stereo installation question

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    Plain ol' stereo installation question

    Alright. I hooked up my Sony stereo to my 98 Camaro. I bought the harness that fits, matched all the cables that it needed, and there is this buzzing noise that is coming from the speakers now. Do I need a box for the security system like in my Sunfire or is this fixable by something else?

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    This isnt really the place for this question, sony might be more help but i'm a nice guy .

    It could be a grounding issue, make sure all your wires match and your grounding to the closest spot possible on the frame. Sometimes you can add capacitors to your speakers in parallel, not sure how many farads but do some research and you'll find out. Usually buzzing is caused by some sort of interference in the line.

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    do u have subs or is it coming from the door speakers and such

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