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Thread: My Future Carputer Need brief opinions

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    2k1toaster.... if you dont mind me asking, how much cost accrued from building your system? I like those specs!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kundanp333 View Post

    Although I haven't read EVERYTHING
    Searching and Reading is your best friend here the more you read, the more you see that you need to read again...and more and more !!!!

    1. Mp3 playback - Not planning to have a separate HU (is this okay?)
    Its easier to have one since you can tap in to you AUX INPUT, but its not necessary!!

    3. GPS navigation
    iGuidance FTW (For The Win) Easiest software, light on memory....simply one of the best

    4. Internet Capability
    3 options possible:
    1-With you phone
    2-Satellite USB/PCMCIA with a ~60$/month plan
    3-Free Wifi, (you need an access point)

    5. Back-up camera w/ night vision
    Plenty of thread on the subject, depends on the size and needs. As for connecting the camera, the touch screen already have an RCA VIDEO INPUT, you simply connect your video input and tap into the backup light wiring....You need to configure your screen in a way that it will switch to VIDEOInput when there's a signal, that way you'll get you backup camera working everytime your in reverse

    6. Bluetooth Capability to integrate my smart phone
    Good luck with that one, I see here that a lot of people are strugling with that option!!

    7. OBD II connection
    It depends on your car model and year...if you only need to read the info its should be pretty simple, you simply need to integrate everything with the skin you'll choose

    8. Separate Mp3 CD changer possible?
    Better get a Head Unit for that

    9. I-Pod hook up
    If you get a USB Head unit you can plug it in easily and even see whats playing on your display

    10. Mini USB kerboard/mouse (wireless?)
    Go ahead for WIRELESS dont make the same mistake I made !!

    Assumed: The Screen will be a touch screen. FOR SURE!!

    What OS would best accommodate my needs?
    Windows XP striped to the bones and adjust for best performance...

    In my opinion, you should take more time to plan you project before going for the install...make sure to test everything in your house before .....The more you search and test the more you'll be happy when the install is done!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kundanp333 View Post
    Yeah, i read about the back up camera technology and i think its an overkill if i even consider trying to do it. I read everyone saying that you are going to spend more than you think, Why would this occur if you plan carefully? what are some of the things people dont take into consideration other than surprises that occur depending on the application(different cars)?
    Quote Originally Posted by kundanp333 View Post
    2k1toaster.... if you dont mind me asking, how much cost accrued from building your system? I like those specs!!
    Well the thing is if you are a true hobbiest like myself, you are never finished. I budgeted around $800 for my CarPC. When I started I got all my parts and screen and wires and amp and everything for about $800-ish when all said and done. It was great, but I wanted more, so I bought a new mobo/cpu for $250. Bought material to make a custom case for like $40. Bought better wires since I got a bigger computer which was like $60. I added Sirius which is awesome. Got iGuidance instead of Microsoft Streets and Trips and the Pharos 360 I had didnt work with iG 3, so I got a bu353. I changed the hd from a 3.5" to a 2.5" to a 3.5" and now back to a 2.5" (all different drives) and this time SATAII since it was cheaper than the IDE equivalent at the time. And on and on it goes.

    If I had to guess, I am at about $2000 now. But you know some of that stuff I sold off, some I traded for things, some I junked. So for $600 to $800 you can get a fully functional CarPC. But it will never be done. I am thinking of getting a transflective screen $600-$700 now
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