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Thread: In-Dash Lilliput for Sale

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    In-Dash Lilliput for Sale

    For whatever reason, I cannot post a classified ad for my Lilliput screen so I am posting here.

    I have a 7" In-dash Lilliput for parts. As of today the VGA input works off and on, the screen does not automatically come out, but it does automatically go back in (gravity does it though, not the motor, I suspect a gear has stripped). I am currently running it on the Video input, using a Converter, but the quality is not so good.

    I am going to replace it, but figured that I would post it here first, and then put it on ebay. Also the up/down buttons have come loose, they still work but you have to push them very far. Basically this screen should be for parts only, or for someone who knows how to repair/refurbish these things. I don't have pictures, but it is the black housing, and it would come with the remote, and bezel. If there is sufficient interest I will accept offers, otherwise I will put on ebay.

    If you are interested send me an email at [email protected], I will respond within a day.

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    I also bought one of these units, and when received, it was broken, the unit wouldn't eject. I went through a load of hassle trying to straighten out the runners that the unit ejects on, and replacing one of the gears on the motor/gearbox assembly.

    Now the unit ejects fine, but doesn't stop, so it sounds like there is a sensory problem.

    I have since also bought another unit, and was going to keep this faulty one for spares, but if anyone wants it, at a price, then let me know.


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    You have to make a post on the forums before you can make a classified ad. Please move your ad to the classifieds.
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