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Thread: 1st CarPC, opinions please

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    1st CarPC, opinions please

    Hello I am planning on installing a pc in my 2007 GMC Sierra. I would appreciate your opinions over my planned pc installation.

    The system includes:
    1 x Intel D945GCLF Atom 230 1.6GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard
    1 x 1GB 667MHz DDR2 Memory
    1 x 120GB SATA Hard drive
    1 x Sony CRX890S SATA CD-RW/DVD Slim Combo Drive
    1 x VoomPC-2 Automotive Enclosure
    1 x M2-ATX 160W intelligent automotive power supply

    Windows XP OS
    Roadrunner Front end

    I havent decided on the monitor yet, but I did see some 7'' touchscreen monitors on ebay.
    I am on a limited budget so please keep that in mind... thank you

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    looks good to me

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