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    I have a 2003 ford f-150 pick up with a custom computer. it is a micro atx motherboard. i am currently using a power inverter to power it, i want to use something else beside that due to noise issue. is there anything else that will power it? i am going to get new micro atx board and processor whati s the best to get? the one now is a 1.7 amd with 160 gig hard drive with 1 gig memory want to go little bit faster. will be buyin to slim external dvdplayer and burner to be put into the dash. computer is goign to be usd for gps/ and hooked to stereo system. here is a link to truck let me know what u think. page 2 has the computer on it please any ideas or help appericated thanks

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    Have a read in the FAQs about DC-DC power supplies. There's plenty out there to suit your needs. Also check the Show Off Your Project section - Im sure the F-150 pickup has been done many times already.

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    DAMN nice truck

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