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Thread: Hello, n00b wanting to learn!

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    Hello, n00b wanting to learn!

    Hi every one,

    I found this forum many moons ago but didn't register at the time as i had felt that i didn't have enough time to read and post but i came across here again by utter chance a few days ago and now, although i have more going on in my life (8 month old baby daughter and my own house to keep plus work) i now decide i quite fancy building a carputer in my BMW E36. I'm sure every one can understand i would like to build one on a budget to start off with but to add extra functions at a later date. i have about 4 systems at home that i can break up and use as a start but gonna search about for some pics, ideas and inspiration.

    Oh, for starters i just want to listen to my music and radio but would like to expand it later.



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    Nice, good idea lol. And welcome .

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