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Thread: New Project: Subaru Baja TC11000 Mount

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    New Project: Subaru Baja TC11000 Mount

    I'm planning on mounting a HP TC1100 inside my Subaru Baja. It took some searching, but I think I found the proper mounts. Here is a link to a TC1100 mount.

    I'm going to try marrying that to a RAM window dual-suction mount.

    I'll let you know how it works and post pics of the project.

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    how about a dock?

    I'm also using a tc1100, a cheaper (less expensive might be the right term) alternative may be using a dock you can find them on e-bay for about $25 they are heavy so shipping won't be cheap....I took one apart and I am going to try and drill some lightening holes in the metal base before I mount it in my truck the advantages would be
    1. cheap!
    2. 4 usb ports that you can leave hooked up to the car
    3. power supplied to charge the tc1100
    4. mic and headphone out to your radio
    5. automatic swithing from portrait to landscape when the tablet is rotated
    6. a slot for a disc drive...

    dissadvantages are
    1. mount will take a little more work
    2. 2D hinge will make alingnment with the user less flexible but I think you can figure out how to change alingment if that is an issue for you

    another option on the hinge would be to extend the cable between the mount and the base and use a suction cup attached to the mount off a ball and socket...Just thinking out loud, good luck and keep us posted on your install!

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