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Thread: 09' Scion TC Plan

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    09' Scion TC Plan

    Hey all,

    I have been trolling this website for a long while now and I think I am ready to start planning my first Carputer. I still have no idea what I am doing, however, I have read basically every FAQ in the Emporium as well as various diagrams and posts and I have a first draft of a wiring diagram that could use a look over by people who know a bit more than myself.

    Here it is.

    Right now I am trying to to limit myself to too specific of components as I will be waiting a little while before starting the purchasing, technology changes way too quickly.

    Anyway, if I could get some feedback on the diagram I would love to hear your thoughts, as well as my screw ups.

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    It took me a minute or so to figure out your diagram, but I understand it now. It looks good and you should post a project page when you're about ready to do it.

    I can give you the wiring diagram for the steering wheel controls if you're interested.

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    I would love to see anything you have. Or any ideas for items which will fit in the design, such as Fusion brain connecting to various items or anything else you think is cool.

    Thank you so much for looking it over.

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    Originally, I wasn't going to post my plans until I was done but it's probably better I post it now before I'm complete.

    Here is the list of components I already have:
    VIA EPIA NX12000EG
    7" Lilliput Transflective Touchscreen
    M4-ATX Power Supply
    Bluetooth adapter
    802.11n WiFi adapter
    ~500 watt amplifier

    Future components:
    Fusion Brain - or another type of mechanism for steering wheel controls
    2 GB Compact Flash or 64 GB SATA SSD Drive - Since this is going to be the boot partition, I am still undecided if I want a small boot partition and then a cheaper hard drive for a secondary partition or if I want a large Solid State Disk (SSD) so that the media access will be as fast as the boot process.
    80GB SATA HD (Completely dependent on the above.)
    Slot Loading DVD-ROM Drive - I want to fabricate this into the front panel for a seamless and flush look.
    HD Radio Tuner - Undecided on which brand to choose because of software/hardware issues I see many of the people on the forum are having.
    GPS Receiver - Still have not decided on which product to buy.

    Probable components but I'm still unsure if I want them yet:
    XM/Sirius satellite radio - This does not work where I live (Guam), so I am unsure if I want to get this yet.
    Reverse backup camera
    Night Vision Camera for the front


    My plan was to fit the entire computer into the double-din area. I will leave the original waterfall intact and install a tCover( I want to be able to reverse the process and leave my entire car stock if my plans ever change. I do not have an aluminum case yet for the computer and all of the double-din cases I have seen so far are either too expensive or don't really match my needs.

    By the way, according to the Techinfo site (, the resistance for the steering wheel controls are approx 100 kΩ when the buttons are not pushed. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to wrap my head around a voltage divider, so I don't know how I will wire a circuit for the fusion brain just yet.

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    2 Fuses on Power Line

    Is there a reason your drawing shows 2 fuses on the main line coming in? The reason I ask is that you would end up having to replace both fuses if you get a spike and fuses do not add resistance. Meaning the 125 AMP is the same across the whole line not 250.

    Just some input.

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    The first protects against possible fire/issues going through a firewall, the second is for the actual equipment. If 1 blows the other shouldn't have a chance to.

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