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Thread: Standby or Hibernate? (Little Valley or Atom?)

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    Standby or Hibernate? (Little Valley or Atom?)

    I understand the difference between the 2, but interested to know whether people are really able to use Standby in practical use.

    The reason I ask is because I'm considering the Little Valley motherboard which doesn't support S3 standby. Would that be a mistake you think?

    I was definitely thinking Hibernate until I weirdly found stats from the 2 below links showing the D945GCLF Atom uses only 1.3W in standby, while the D201GLY2 Little Valley uses 2.8W when turned OFF.

    Or is that an irrelevant stat because an intelligent power supply would cut the power so it would really take zero watts when off?

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    If you are using an in-car power supply, they cut the power after a period of time so there is no draw at all.
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    Thanks, that explains that then.

    In that case would people recommend the D201GLY2 Little Valley motherboard even if it doesn't have S3 Standby support? Seems like a big limitation to me, but its otherwise what I'm looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    If you are using an in-car power supply, they cut the power after a period of time so there is no draw at all.
    They can also be programed to keep the 5V rail active all the time to hold S3 state for as long as there is juice in the battery...

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