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Thread: XPlod car stereo with iPod interface

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    XPlod car stereo with iPod interface

    I have a Sony CDX-GT610UI XPlod car stereo with iPod interface. The iPod hookup works and sounds greats, but the only problem is the actually stereo interface. It quite frankly sucks. Once you plug your iPod in to the stereo you no longer have control of the iPod interface and are froced to use the HU interface. I have over 4000 songs on my iPod and using the stereo HU interface to find a songs takes forever. I leave it on shuffle and hope for the best.

    Does anyone know of any hack or mod that will let you use the iPod interface.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Keep in mind, this is a CarPC forum. It doesn't seem like you're doing anything with a PC. Many people would flat out ignore this post since it isn't relevant. It's like going to Barns and Noble and asking about electronics.

    Anyway, use an AUX in. There's also the crazy idea of not putting songs on the iPod that you would rather not listen to.

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