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Thread: I am finally saying Hello

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    I am finally saying Hello

    I have, for a long time, tolled these forums on an almost daily basis. I have learned more than I ever thought I could by reading posts by all of the smart people here. I can not say enough wonderful things about this community as a whole because with out all of you I would never have been able to tear apart my car. I have been through 3 cars since I first had the idea about putting a computer in my car, and I actually bought this car (2006 Pontiac G6) because the double din spot in the dash just begged for a 7" touch screen.
    I have recently finished the "beta" phase of my install while I waited for the rest of my parts. But even with a full computer case in my trunk and an inverter under the passenger seat, it has been one of the most fun and rewarding projects I've done in a long time. (most of the guys at my office are jealous and have asked me a ton of questions. I have to admit I really do like the "WOW" factor.)
    I have made some mistakes, but I assume everyone does from time to time. But I was able to side step a lot of them because of the information I gathered here... my wallet thanks all of you!
    Hopefully in the very near future I will be able to devote a few more days to finishing up my install so I can post some pictures.

    Thanks again and I hope that one day, maybe... just maybe, I'll be able to add something to this community that will help some other poor misguided noobie.

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    Hello and welcome aboard! Make sure your project in a worklog.

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    I find myself in a similar situation, but today i decided to sign up.

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