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Thread: Help me choose a TMR screen - Linitx vs CarTFT

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    Hey dazman2, how's your screen goin? I'm thinkin of getting this screen for my 07 Camry. I'm in Oz too

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    Hey, it was a good choice. I was impressed with it... I say "was" because I managed to damage it when I pulled it to pieces to mount to a bezel... purely my own fault though.

    What I've since discovered is that carTFT sell an open frame version of this screen which would have been much more suitable. So if you're looking at ripping the guts out then that's definitely a better option, and probably cheaper too.

    For the period I did have it working though, yeah I loved it. Excellent visibility.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Damn, it works out to around AU $630! That's a bit too expensive for me. I'm budgeting around AU $450 max for my LCD. I know I probably can't get a transflective for that much, so I thought I'd look at TMR, but now I'm not even hopeful I'd get one of those in my price range.

    Any other ideas ppl?

    UPDATE: I just found this transflective LCD from LinITX:
    Sure it works out to around AUD $550 and I have to add on postage ... but it seems like a decent product. Anyone used this one?

    And there's also this TMR one from LinITX: ... it's cheaper at around AUD $440 + postage.

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