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Thread: BMW E38 carPC connection

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    BMW E38 carPC connection

    Hello, after lurking a lot on google etc. i finaly think i can get may carpc connected to my car. It is my car pc try so i is supposed to be cheap.

    I have 1998 after facelift BMW e38 with 4:3 boardunit that shows modes CD changer/aux/tape/radio and i have DSP with amp. connected to 10+ speakers, NAVI, TV+video unit, telephone unit, cdchanger in trunk, probably also radio tunner, but i didn't found it.

    Can you please check "sheme" that i draw if mspaint if ia understand the connection right? Thank you.

    Some descriptions are in czech, but it sould not be a problem

    I originaly posted this thread to general hardware section, but it probably belongs here.

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    From what I see, it looks good. I hope nothing important was in czech.

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    The quality of the image is not going to be very good, seeing as you are going in with a composite signal, but seeing as you are keeping the orginal screen/system there's not a lot you can do to improve it.

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    Well it is mainly for mp3 player so if image quality will be good enought for text and albumart it is ok.

    Today i dismounted whole accessory installation in trunk and found out that i don't have radio with aux input like i assumed in schema and in wole planing.

    So now i wonder if i should go
    with tape input for audio - but i assume as i need to have tape in tapedrive that tapedrive will make noise playing it
    directly to dsp - not sure about input format and if it is even possible
    connect to cdchanger wires and lose cdchanger in trunk - i want to keep it if possible

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