Hey dudes,
been surfin this site, gettin some info, and am looking to buy.
Here's what I want, please recommend or point me in the right direction as I'm still quite new with this stuff.

The reason I don't go for something like the Pioneer Avid D3 is because it looks aftermarket and I'm not a fan of that look. I will custom fab some sort of casing for this unit, and don't want buttons or writing of any type on the sides. (is it possible to take the writing off with goof off or something?). I am after a very OEM look.

I would like a fairly basic setup:
- Touch Screen (cannot be any larger than 5"x9" in the casing as I want a very clean installation) so probably around an 8" screen would be sweet. I want high res, good quality (and again very clean).
- DVD/CD drive
- Good video card and sound card
- amp (for more power with possibility of sub upgrade)
- USB drive for external hard drive
- solid state memory for super fast start up and shut downs (?)
- easy/classy interface

If there's something out there with all this, that would be sweet. If there was any way of being able to hook up Vag Com (a USB cable that hooks up to the car for stats/logs where you can also modify settings in the car like doorchimes etc) that would be ideal. Not the biggest of concerns as I can just use my laptop for that when I need to.

Any recommendations of where to start? Thanks