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Thread: Up and running. But a couple of questions

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    Up and running. But a couple of questions

    Ok, I got my car pc up and running. (its the beginners plus package) but a couple of things I need to know.
    The wiring harness has 7 wires: Batt 12v, Acc, Gnd. These are all connected and the pc powers up fine but there are 4 more wires which are thinner than the others. 2 black, 1 green and 1 orange wire. Can anyone tell me what these wires are for?
    Also, I have an external slim dvd rom plugged into the usb and it works fine but I need it mounted up front at the dash where I can access it (pc's in the back) so I bought a 2m usb extension. However when plugged into this it no longer works. Can anyone help me out with this problem?
    Thanks in advance guys!

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    it didn't come with any instructions saying what the extra wires are for?

    as for your DVD drive issue, I assume the drive is USB-powered (no separate power wires)? it sounds like it's not getting enough power with the wires extended. if this is the case then you will have to give it a separate power source.

    does the drive have a power input jack? if it does then you can use a point-of-load regulator or run power wires from your PC's power supply (M1-ATX) to give it direct power. if it only has the USB input then you would have to plug it into a powered USB hub (you would have to provide power to the hub in the same way).

    good luck

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