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Thread: ok I almost got it but am unsure of power

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    ok I almost got it but am unsure of power

    So I have been reading a lot about how power is supposed to go in my car.

    what ive done so far:

    subwoofer amp under driver seat
    Other amp for all speakers under passenger seat.

    basically im using an ipod or my laptop going directly to the amp for music.

    So on my wiring harness i have the 8 wires for the speakers connected and the ignition wires for the amps connected.

    Right now Im trying to install my LCD eby701 . It comes with this cigarette lighter charger "power filter" (I guess this is called the egg)

    What I was thinking was cutting the cigarette charger part of and using those two wires directly on the harness.

    But where do I tap to on the harness. which wires should I use.

    12v yellow constant
    12v red accessory
    blue power antenna
    orange 12v illumination

    Im kinda lost

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    Which ones do you want to use? If you hook up the 12v + to constant, the screen will always be on. Hook it up to 12v accessory and it will turn on and off with the key (what I would recommend).
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