So I've been looking through the site on and off for a couple of months trying to figure out how I'm going to start my CarPC for my 2004 Tundra. I'm very familiar with computers and technology, so my primary concern is getting everything to look clean when I'm all done.

The first step that I'm wanting to take is getting my stock JBL radio, CD player and tape deck removed and replaced with a double din LCD, and have a CD-ROM drive some how mounted as well (similar to the DWW-6500). For my LCD, I plan to purchase the Xenarc 700TSV. I'm looking to mount this inside of double din cage (most likely the following:, and then connect the cage to the double din metra kit for a tundra (

Does anybody see anything wrong with my concept? Depending on how well the screen will move in and out of the cage, will depend on whether or not I try to mount the DVD drive inside the cage or not. Any thoughts, ideas?