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Thread: Oil Data

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    Oil Data

    I have written this Oil Data tracking application.
    The code is C++, and the data base at the moment is MySql.

    The application calculates when it's time to change the oil two ways once by date and once by miles driven. So if one of the 2 calculations indicate it's time for an oil change, the user is notified.

    Here is the main screen, it's rough at the moment, but is only for my use.

    I have also parsed some oil filter web sites, like Fram and Wix and a couple of others. So if you have entered a vehicle in to the app and select the web site of interest, your Oil Filter info will be returned.

    I was interested in some feed back and also thinking of connecting it to GM's viscosity sensor and using that info. The program uses the last 3 oil change dates and miles driven between oil changes to determine if it's time.

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    If it were my project, I would make it touch screen friendly and possibly write a skin for some popular front end.
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>

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