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Thread: Some Advice Please

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    Some Advice Please

    I really have no knowledge of car audio. Im running a 69' Volvo 145s. It has a Pioneer Supertuner cassette player with 6 speakers. All the speakers work and the radio and tuning works aswell.It cant play tapes though, I guess something is jammed or just broken.It does not get loud at all either. I would like to upgrade the whole system but I dont really know what to do. Where could I take it to? Pepboys, Bestbuy ,etc. Or whats the best thing to buy so i could install it myself? Any imnformation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, lets see... You've wandered into a forum dedicated to putting computers into cars so my recommendation would be:

    Rip that junk out and replace it with a computer!

    Go ahead. You know you wanna.

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