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Thread: Looking for opinion on items for sale...please

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    Question Looking for opinion on items for sale...please

    Howdy gang!

    I've been researching my future car PC for a while now. Well it just so happens my buddy found someone that is selling his entire setup. The mobo is not exactly what i was looking for, but the price isn't so bad for what I am getting. I'll post up the items and I would like opinions on whether or not its a good price. I can always sell some of the items and purchase exactly what I would like.

    VIA epia M8000(Correct model #?)

    M1-ATX Power Supply

    2 Lilliput 619GL-70NP/C/T touchscreen monitors
    a third Lilliput, non-touch screen(Still waiting on the model #)

    40gb harddrive

    cd/dvd drive


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    well for the 3 screens it is not bad price...
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