Hello there,

I read a lot of the posts in this forum, so I decide to ask 1-2 questions

I own Peugeot 607 2002 year of produce, with colored VDO build-in car navigation, also with changer. With 2 words - the stock audio-navi system.

BUT I that stock system several negative points, one of the biggest is navigation. Maps aren't very good, a lot of things missing, ...and ets.

So i decide to try if "CarPC" is good solution for me.

One of the main questions that I have is, can I use the build-in GSP receiver?
is there any solution to connect it to Laptop?

And Is there a way to transfer all the "System Warnings" to the laptop
becase in my car 90% of notifications (like tyre preassure, lights, door open.. and the system faulire messages) are shown at the monitor.

If someone can answear me to these 2 questions (and there is solution for them) that will be the hardest part of that project.

Thank you in advanced