Hi there,

My car has a Mk4 navigation system with the 16:9 factory widescreen. It has the TV tuner and currently I've got a 500 gig media drive attatched to the AV input of the TV tuner and it works fine.
The only problem is the audio quality of that input (and the TV I guess) is far below the quality of the CD changer.

I want to either add a carpc or swap the input of this media drive to the other way of inputting video - via the nav system.

I have seen 2 choices of interfaces so far. The PIE : http://www.pie.net/pie_store/shopdis...&cat=NAV-Video
and the G-Net : http://www.gnetcanada.com/navvideo-m...et_rgb_bmw.asp

Which of these 2 would give me the ability to control the Carx interface via the factory controls? I've seen youtube videos but they're all pretty light on details.

I'd also like to know how people tape into the Tape input of the system for the audio channel, as seen in this video : [media]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ljr559igui8[/url] and this one [url]http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xp31z6uZ_Kw[/media]
Does it involve pulling out the factory HU and attacking the back of it somehow?

Thankyou to anyone who replies to this. I'd like to get this sorted quickly as the terrible sound quality from the AV input is driving me crazy.