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Thread: cant for the life of me decide a "perfect" setup

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    cant for the life of me decide a "perfect" setup

    i need personal oppinions, advice, guidence. Anything to help me out with my design..... i have a 2008 scion xb and for sure will be using a mac mini and my problem i running into is what monitor setup should i use, and where do i put it??? so for starter i want to keep my stock double din pioneer stereo (willing to move it) and i just need a clean design thats a low profile one. i was thinking maybe a new head unit that would replace my stock, my only prob w/ that is my stock ipod controls in my steering wheel will be lost or will be too much work to keep, then put a motorized monitor somewhere lol, my mind is skewed with the ideas and possibilities and i really need a direction. really what i want is what you might do if you kept the stock stereo.
    any advice is greatfully apreciated!

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    I have a 09 scion xb also and I am getting ready to start putting together my mac mini based system. I am planning on getting rid of the stereo completely and going directly into an amp. That would leave a perfect opening for the screen. I don't have any experience with fabrication, but I was going to try molding it in to the dash; probably a 7" Xenarc. The dash piece around the stereo easily pops off and would allow for easy access. I'm planning on using the pac-swi-x to interface with the steering wheel controls.

    Why do you need your iPod if you have a mac mini in your dash? I am planning on replacing the iPod connection with a few usb ports.

    I don't think I answered your question, but maybe this will help you get some ideas. Let us know what you decide.

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    Have you checked the "worklogs" and "show off your project" forums? I have seen more than one xb in there, it may give you some ideas.

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    I have only seen one second generation xb(08 and later) on here and that one has a ton of custom work. The new model has a lot of room for modification, but there isn't a lot of documentation on it.

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    Too much work and carputer don't blend together well. When I took my headunit out of my car to put the screen in, it was 2 months before I heard any sound again.
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    Can you expand on what the problems are with going straight to the amp? I want to do it right the first time.

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