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Thread: New guy looking for better ideas to mount a 10.4" screen

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    New guy looking for better ideas to mount a 10.4" screen

    hey guys, I got my carputer setup and running in my 1993 Japanese domestic market (JDM) Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (V6 twin turbo 4WD model), the interior looks like this:

    but right hand drive and manual transmission.

    I got AUO 10.4" openframe monitor installed right in front of the center dash, the monitor and its power supply add together to about 2.5cm thick (about 1 1/4") The screen "bucket" is made out of plastic

    Everything works and ting but I think it could be a little more OEM look.... what are the most common way to do it? the screen is a tad wider than the vent panel itself so I don't know what's a good way to install this.

    anyway here are some

    Pentium Atom dual core board, 2GB ram, 400GB HDD.
    M2-ATX power supply
    AUO Openframe monitor with Fujitsu 4 wire touchscreen
    onboard audio feed to Alpine deck AUX in via Ai-Net

    Current functionality:
    on-the-road internet access using my HTC smart phone via bluetooth dongle attached to USB port
    Wifi access via USB wifi 54G adapter
    400GB of music, videos or anything u'd like on the fly.

    later additions:
    GPS receiver hooked up to Garmin MobilePC software
    night vision camera to give the night vision view similar to the 2006 S-Class sedan
    reverse sensors (not sure if I will hook that up to the carputer, maybe run it standalone)

    I'm also running on-screen keyboard which is a ***** to use....(that small one that comes with XP). Gonna get a fruity rollup keyboard setup hand-me-down from my friend....

    please advise. Will take some pictures of the current setup later today.

    PS: I also want to figure out if I can make XP recognize a long tap on the screen as right click (much like how TouchFLO 3D on HTC phones do) because it is very difficult to navigate XP sometimes without the right mouse button functions.

    Other than that I'm loving it.

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    I don't know how different your Galant is from my Diamante but I customized my dash for a 10.5 and looks great. Search the fourms for Diamante and check mine out.

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