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Thread: 2003 Mercury Mountaineer Small Project

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    2003 Mercury Mountaineer Small Project

    I just got a 2003 Mountaineer, and I'm looking to do some work with the audio. It has stock everything, with the base stereo, and I would like to keep it looking that way if possible.

    I have some stuff lying around that I have acquired over the last couple years, and I would like to either re-use it in the mercury, or sell it to buy some new stuff, in order to keep the budget minimal.
    Here is what I have currently:

    2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12" woofers,
    1 JBL BP1200.1 amp,
    1 Punch HX2 15" woofer,
    1 Blown Pheonix Gold MS2125 amp (could fix?),
    4 Crappy Pioneer door speakers,
    1 Decent Pioneer head unit
    And enough wire to do 3 cars (I have alot of 4/0ga[for big 3] and 4ga).

    I want to have the final system loud and clear enough to hear on the highway with the windows cracked, right now the stock system sounds like crap at those levels. I don't really want explosive SPL, or crazy SQ, just an average mix of the two. I also would like to have an aux input which I can use for my iPod.

    I really like the Infinity woofers with the JBL amp, but I really want to keep the stock head unit as well, and I don't think there is any way to set up a sub output on it.

    I am leaning towards selling all the stuff above, and going with a nice set of components for the front doors, and a cheap aux input device for the iPod.
    Right now I am looking at something like:
    iPod AUX input
    Infinity 680.7cs

    and I would like an amp that would allow me to keep the stock battery, with no problems, yet still power those (or similar) speakers enough to sound good. It would be really nice if i could find a small enough amp(s) to keep in the glove box, door panel, or even kick panel, so that I don't have to run wires all the way back to the rear storage compartments for no reason.

    Let me know what you guys think!

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