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Thread: Newbie Here With Potential Project

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    Newbie Here With Potential Project

    Hey Guys & Gals,

    I just spent the last 4 hours reading through the forums..VERY informative! Do I have all my answers...Not by a long shot..So all I ask here is for I guess a little direction. My car is a 1994 thunderbird SC (and yes I did find one here that gave me a few ideas)

    What I thought I wanted to accomplish and why.

    All I REALLY wanted was an in dash navigation system and an upgrade to my current audio system that looked factory. Unfortunately my dreams of just retrofitting a later model Ford GPS system into my car wasnt a reasonable reality as it just plain didnt fit to well

    The reasons I wanted to upgrade in such a way

    1) The factory setup is just subpar and something newer just has to be better!
    2) I wanted an in dash GPS and the factory ford setup can be made to look factory.
    2) I do drive this car on the street and like the anti "I want to steal you" when it looks factory
    3) The car is shown every year at various car shows and has won first in class all but once in popular vote shows (the one time I showed up late to the gunfight without a shower,,,,and got 2nd). That being said teh car is tastefully modified where peopel wonder if teh car actually came that way from the factory or not. They realize it smodified but cant usually pout a finger on it.....Thus liking the factory but upgraded look.

    So here I am looking at carputers. I can easily fit a nice LCD into my dash which can be made to look VERY factory, have my GPS, and upgrade my audio all in one@!!!...I am not looking to win sound offs here....Just something better then factory..But I generally get carried away with everything I do...

    So here is what I think I want now with associated questions

    1) GPS. Currently I use a garmin street pilot. So you see I dont need much. But what a decent not to costly option here? I did read up on a bunch of different systems but being a complete newbie to carputers I need some direction. I want something that works well

    2) Soundsystem. Currently I have an 8 inch JL audio sub with 4 5*7 Polk Audio Mommo speakers with the factory JBL ford system. I plan on ditching the system keeping the speakers and getting a 5 channel amp to power them. Seems many like the creative lab cards and I myself like them in my home PC's. However after all the reading I did I am not to sure about how I should be hooking up my amplification. I do not want to mount a remote EQ. That being said what is my best option video card wise and hookup wise?

    3) Internet. Bluetooth. My blackberry has internet as well as blue tooth. In the rare instances that I may want to use internet can I intergrate teh two? Of course I read up a lil on this as well but 4 hours wasnt nearly enough..

    4) Video card- Wasnt to interested in movies but being ill be having a computer here...What is a good video card for this application?

    5) OS and processor- I realize bigger is not always better and although my needs may be little my needs may be little now I may want to upgrade in the future. That being said what direction should I be looking as far as these two items are concerned.? I realize I want to keep the heat and power consumption to a minimum.

    6) Various dodads- Any cool easily intergrated ideas? Reverse camera, ect. Diagnostic software sounds neet but my EEC is a OBD1/OBDII variant...meaaing not sure there is anything I can use.

    I'm sure I will have plenty of questions as far as software applications and whatnot however for now these are my main milestones. I will be building this in my basement to be installed after all is functioning...I'll then start one of those lil my project threads. I just need to focus myself as I am currrently all over the place

    Thanks all,


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    ahhhh..More reading to do I guess!

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